About us

WELLAUD TRADING COMPANY LIMITED was established in 2020. The establisher understands that how Hong Kong people work and hopes to bring health to Hong Kong people. Since Hong Kong is a place with a long working time, so the equipment in the office and ours are closely related. The second problem is not having enough workout, most Hong Kong people does not have enough space to stretch out, so that we want to help Hong Kong people from these two aspects.


Company Philosophy

We are committing to find vary of gaming chair, ergonomic chair, office equipment and fitness equipment. We hope that everyone can work in the most comfortable environment in the office or at home. In addition, the gaming industry has developed rapidly in recent years. This makes Hong Kong people more obsessive about the requirements of gaming experience. We will not fall behind and follow the pace of the times, finding more different kind of gaming chair to let everyone have more options and improve the life quality.

Moreover, it’s not easy to take in a large piece of sports equipment in Hong Kong, so we have found a fitness equipment that can be converted into one, and its function will never be lost, so as to satisfy Hong Kong people as much as possible.