EnerGym® STORM AirBike


The wind resistance bicycle is similar to the hand and foot linkage of the elliptical machine. It is a new type of exercise bike. When the pedals are stepped on, the arm movement is driven, and the effect is more obvious than that of a single exercise bike. It does not have the flywheel of a spinning bike, and it will not cause sports injuries due to huge inertia when exercising, which is relatively safer. Infinite wind resistance design, the faster the movement, the greater the resistance, but the control is simple, the maintenance cost is low, and it is not easy to break. At the same time, the power of wind resistance is also very effective for exercising personal upper body strength and endurance.

Exercise method 1. The simplest hand-foot linkage training can speed up and exercise the coordination of the whole body. With the HIIT training program set by the electronic watch, you will be out of breath in less than five minutes, and the fat burning effect is amazing.

Exercise method 2. Standing posture, similar to the combination of elliptical machine and spinning bike, the exercise intensity is greater.

Exercise method 3. Put your feet on the fixed place, push and pull the movable armrest with both hands, let the strength of the arm drive the fan, and exercise for the arm and chest.

Open dimension : 134 x 59 x 125 cm
Product net Weight : 44kg

Warranty: One year original factory door-to-door maintenance provided by the agent directly (Abrasion of armrests or seat soft rubber is not within the scope of maintenance)

Stair transport fee: $100 per floor ( Take building floor as calculation units, for example, when enter building and steps are required to transport, between one to ten steps still count as one floor.)

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