EnerGym® TANK Self-powered Treadmill


Advantages of a non-motorized treadmill:

1. More effective muscle engagement and energy expenditure
A non-motorized treadmill uses a pushing technique similar to outdoor running to move the running belt forward, which engages more muscles (such as glutes and hamstrings) throughout the entire running process. By minimizing vertical displacement on the non-motorized treadmill, energy expenditure increases, resulting in burning more calories. This design encourages running with a forefoot strike, reducing the impact on joints and improving running performance. Because users need to maintain the correct posture that conforms to ergonomics, more core muscles and body integration are involved, resulting in 30-40% higher calorie consumption than an electric treadmill on average.

2. Self-powered and easy to use
A non-motorized treadmill is entirely powered by the user, making it easy to start and cost-effective.

3. Safer than traditional electric treadmills
The running surface of a non-motorized treadmill has superior grip and is fundamentally different from the cotton-nylon belt on traditional electric treadmills.

4. Long-lasting and easy to maintain
Compared to traditional electric treadmills, non-motorized treadmills have a longer lifespan because they have no electric components and are more durable.

Open dimension : 145 x 80 x 156 cm
Maximum load capacity: 150kg
Inline : Not adjustable
Product Net Weight: 94kg

Warranty: One year original factory door-to-door maintenance provided by the agent directly (Abrasion of armrests or seat soft rubber is not within the scope of maintenance)

Stair transport fee: $250 per floor ( Take building floor as calculation units, for example, when enter building and steps are required to transport, between one to ten steps still count as one floor.)

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