GYMERA® Multifunction AI Mirror (First 10 customers can get $10000 off)


Product Features:

  • Forever supply over 100+ free courses are permanently provided for users to use
  • Hong Kong’s first smart fitness equipment with entertainment system
  • Extremely fast electronic weight adjustment (1-220 pounds), use the screen or AI voice to adjust at any time.
  • Multiple training angles and more than 100 combinations to easily exercise muscle groups throughout the body.
  • Equipped with four professional modes: standard, eccentric, chain and isokinetic modes, suitable for fitness professionals who pursue advanced weight training.
  • The assist mode monitors the status of force exertion in real time and automatically reduces the weight when exhaustion is detected, helping you to complete the entire set of movements safely and avoid injuries caused by fatigue.
  • 27-inch 4K display screen provides dedicated teaching and real-time training projection to ensure accurate and effective movements.
  • Free personalized account to record all exercise data and adjust training intensity.
  • Extremely space-saving, only 0.068 square meters of space is needed after folding.

Product Size:203 x 140 x 183 cm
Folded Size:78 x 68x 183 cm
Packing Size:77 X 89 X 188 cm
AC Input:110 ~ 240V , 50-60Hz
Monitor Display Size:27 inch
Product Net Weight:170KG
Weight Adjustment:1-220LBS

Products include: main unit, fitness chair, triceps rope, leg rope, barbell, Bluetooth pull handle, Bluetooth controller, smart bracelet, protective floor mat, rowing handle

Additional Lifting Charge:$350/floor (the calculation unit is based on the building floor. If there are steps that require labor to carry when entering the building lobby, levels 1 to 10 will also be counted as 1 floor) Warranty:Direct on-site maintenance provided by the distributor

2-year warranty for the main unit (Broken Parts / Motor)(Not-inclued the soft rubber of the armrest or seat is worn)
1 year for the electronic parts & machine parts (Mother board / cable etc.)
Half-year for the monitor display & high-strength tempered glass


General agent:FreetimeHK

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