Speediance Gym Monster 2.0 PRO

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Product features:
1. Extremely fast electronic weight adjustment (1-220 pounds), easily adjustable using the screen or smart Bluetooth ring.
2. Multiple workout angles, with over 100 combinations, making it easy to exercise shoulders, chest, back, arms, legs, and core muscles.
3. Pre-set dozens of exercise programs, adjustable weights, sets, and rest times for different areas.
4. Four professional modes: standard, centrifugal, iron chain, and constant speed mode, tailored to different training needs.
5. Increases muscle strength, boosts calorie consumption, and builds muscle while reducing fat.
6. The assistance mode can monitor your exertion status in real-time, and automatically reduce weight when exhaustion is detected, helping you complete the entire set of exercises safely.
7. 21.5-inch screen, providing personalized instruction and real-time coaching videos to ensure precise and effective movements.
8. Free personalized account to record all exercise data and adjust training intensity.
9. Extremely space-saving, folding up to only occupy 0.3 square meters, equivalent to a chair.

Open dimension : 125 x 71 x 185 cm
Folded Dimension: 35 x 71 x 185 cm
Folded bench size: 105 x 25 x 37.5 cm
Folded bench weighs: approximately 9 kg
LCD touch screen display size: 21.5 inches
LCD touch screen display voltage: 100-240V 50-60Hz
Product Net Weight: 90kg

Warranty: Provided directly by the agent for factory maintenance, one-year warranty for accessories (handles/barbell bars/cables, etc.), two-year warranty for the main machine (components/motor/display, etc.) (wear and tear of handrails or seat cushions are not covered by the warranty)

Stair transport fee: $250 per floor ( Take building floor as calculation units, for example, when enter building and steps are required to transport, between one to ten steps still count as one floor.)

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